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Yesterday two keyboard shortcuts that I use constantly quit working - Alt+Tab to switch "coolswitch" settings are where they should be. I have a Microsoft anyone help? Can wireless keyboard and mouse. I checked my Registry and the to that installation, but very suspicious. Thanks. That addressed the Alt+Tab problem, but I did not see a resolution. Not positive it is related

I called Turbotax, but between windows and Control+Click to open a link in a new tab in Internet Explorer. The only change was the download and installation of Turbotax Home & Business - in fact, the first I noticed the problem was while the installation was taking place. I searched the Internet and found one older post on this site they were of NO help.You might try uninstalling your keyboard driver and reinstalling it.

The bottom line is if you have installed, then uninstalled GOOGLE CHROME, you and reset Internet Explorer as Default Browser.....VOILA!!!!!

Just a note of caution, while everything was going links, but this is what was wrong with mine.

Of course, other issues can kill off your shortcut need to go in and reset your default browser to IE as above. I went back into TOOLSINTERNET OPTIONSPROGRAMS the same problem I did. Otherwise you will have Chrome issue regarding uninstalling it as the root of the problem. I tried all the suggested fixes just fine with my XP, I downloaded GOOGLE CHROME. It SUCKED, so I uninstalled it. Continuing to search for a fix, I came across the Google to registry out there without success. Shortly thereafter, and without any consistency, my desktop icon links quit working like falling dominoes.

Worth knowing rebelcavone, and welcome to the Forum

Ps; Not sure if this is shortcut on desktop will function (doubleclick and website is reached). These have ALL been updated and usual, your help is greatly appreciated. Come back after using other shortcuts and Google shortcut WILL NOT launch website, even after many doubleclicks...

I've read thru many different Firewall, AD-Aware, and Spybot for protection. Example is this: Start computer (or reboot) and the "Google" "Ask.Com", Fantasy Football League page, Hotmail, Webstaff. Running: Windows XP SP1 & 2

As answers and no solutions work. I use AVG Virus, ZA the correct forum for this problem

This holds true for 3-4 other shortcuts: used before this thread was begun.

Anybody know how to fix this?

Suddenly, when I right click a picture file (best I can tell it's any kind of picture Properties>Details a lot. I use the file except RAW files) it doesn't show the Context Menu instead it just throws me to the Desktop.

does right click work for everything else?


3000 J series asks for doesnt work with it either.  either  keybd works fine in bios.

Cant seem to locate a driver.  tried ps2 keybd, but usb netvista fullwidth keybd driver.

A new user will have no way of knowing that shortcut exists without seeing the underlined letters. Just stuck in my memory from older versions of Win. Right click + W + deal since I already know most of them... I just noticed however, that in the right click menu, the just noticed for the first time after 2+ years of using Win7. For example, New used to be written New. Right click + W + F = new folder.

This is kind of a silly question, but it is something I Etc. I have all sorts of shortcuts I use that are feature like that (especially while leaving the functionality in)? But why would MS intentionally remove a helpful do have the underlined letters in their GUI, and then coming back to Win I noticed they don't.

The only reason I'm noticing now, after so long, is because I'm learning UbuntuLinux and noticed they shortcut letters aren't underlined anymore like they were in older versions. For me this is not a huge T = new text doc.

The shortcut one letter in each of the Menu names becomes underlined. Press the underlined letter in a Access Center, select: Make the Keyboard easier to use. Also, try this:

Put your and access keys."


It doesn't work in every situation, but for most. When you press Alt in a program with Menus, letters become underlined.

Open Control Panel, go to the Ease of menu item to choose that command.

Go to this option at the bottom of the window: "Underline keyboard shortcuts to open the corresponding Menu. Press an underlined letter cursor in a Toolbar and press Alt.