7 questions to prioritize your devops backlog


Many organizations are taking steps to adopt , investing in version control, continuous integration, automated testing, continuous delivery, deployment containers, infrastructure as code, centralized monitoring, and other approaches to automate and systematize aspects of managing applications and infrastructure.

The list of practices, tools, and maturity levels is growing and it’s no longer a trivial matter for devops teams and technology organizations to easily determine what areas to prioritize, what approaches are most viable, and what level of maturity is good enough.

For example, organizations doing a lot of application development may look to fully implement CI/CD ( so that they can release code more frequently and reliably. But organizations that perform only a limited number of deployments a year may elect to automate parts of their deployment pipeline and then look to to production incidents.

Devops teams have more practical choices as tools for , , , , and other become mainstream. With that in mind, devops teams need a strategy to prioritize their efforts and level of sophistication on why, where, and how much to invest in any one area.

Here are seven questions to help determine your strategy.