Atlassian improves Jira roadmaps for better project tracking


Atlassian has updated the roadmap capability in , the company’s cloud-based issue-tracking platform for software development projects. The new capabilities are centered on roadmap progress, dependency mapping, and integration with the Confluence collaborative workspace.

Roadmaps give development team members a high-level snapshot of projects and connect development teams with project stakeholders.

The new Jira capabilities include:

  • A progress bar that shows the macro-level progress for each roadmap item and allows users to drill down into the details of a specific project with hierarchy levels on the roadmap. This allows users to unfold roadmap items to show respective stories and tasks comprising bigger pieces of work.
  • Drag-and-drop dependency mapping to visualize relationships between roadmap items.
  • Integration with the company’s Confluence platform, thus enabling users to showcase an organization-level view of what multiple teams are working on, aggregating roadmaps of multiple teams on a Confluence page.
  • New filters to single out work in progress or create a roadmap to highlight only work that has been completed.
  • Inline breakdowns of work that allow users to create new roadmap items with a single click right from the roadmap.

Atlassian anticipates enhancing the roadmaps capability in 2020 to further aggregate multiple roadmaps into a single artifact to provide better visibility into all work going on at a business. Jira subscription plans and pricing are available at the .