Get 25% Off H&R Block's Federal & State Tax Software, Plus a...

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If you’re a tax time do-it-yourselfer, this is a deal that will save you money, and potentially make you some money as well.

is fully updated for 2018 and designed to make your 2017 tax prep easier and more convenient. Step-by-step interviews guide you through a customized experience relevant to your tax situation, so you know everything is accounted for. This version contains everything you need to prepare your federal and state taxes in one complete program, and everything can be handled electronically (including the PC or Mac software download). Right now the tax software’s price is reduced 25% on Amazon to $33.74.

You’ll notice a “5% refund bonus offer” included with this purchase. In 2018, if you purchase an Amazon gift card with some/all of your federal tax refund, H&R Block will add 5% as a bonus ($5,000 bonus limit per customer). I’m not great with math, but this does appear to be free money for those expecting a Federal refund.  .

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