GitHub increases developer’s cut of GitHub Marketplace sales


GitHub has increased the developer’s cut from apps sold in the GitHub Marketplace from 75 percent to 95 percent, with the project hosting site keeping a 5 percent hosting fee. GitHub is also simplifying the app verification process for developers.

provides a forum for developers to find, sell, and share development tools intended to simplify software development. In addition to boosting the developer’s share of revenue from the marketplace, GitHub on February 4 also revealed steps to simplify application verification. 

Verification will now be based on the developer organization’s identity and common-sense security precautions:

  • Validation of an organization’s domain via a DNS TXT record.
  • Email address validation.
  • Requiring two-factor authentication for a developer’s GitHub organization.

Developers can track an app submission’s progress from their organization’s profile settings, to facilitate faster fixing of issues. Plans also call for moving verified apps to a validated publisher model, which would modify the use of the “verified” badge to indicate that publishers and not apps are scrutinized.

GitHub also is updating its program, which assists partners with building integrations to the GitHub platform. , GitHub Marketplace features a range of applications for purposes ranging from Slack integration to cloud deployment to issue-tracking.

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