IDG Contributor Network: Digital transformation isn't only about technology


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about an article I read a while ago in Forbes where the writer shared top trends for digital transformation, commenting that “APIs are the secret weapon for embracing true digital transformation.” They truly open up a huge landscape for companies to integrate best-of-breed solutions into whichever fast and flexible system they desire.

But aside from the freedom that APIs afford, what does digital transformation really mean for business? When you think about it, digital transformation is really a state of mind, which doesn’t just involve technology, but also embraces complete transformation of how a company does business.

While technology is the lever, the true digital transformation is when companies — from the CEO on down — openly embrace technology changes to profoundly accelerate the business and improve its service offerings or customer experience.

Taking a cue from Apple

So, it’s much more than adding a specific technology, or modernizing legacy systems. It’s about rethinking the business with all the new technology that is available. An excellent example is the original iPhone. The technology used in the smartphone was already available to everyone, but the innovation came from having the vision to rethink the phone interaction with that technology to meet a need that consumers didn’t even realize they had.