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Linux desktops have come a long way

Anyone who has used Linux for the last 15 years or so knows that things have gotten better and better when it comes to desktop environments. There are plenty to choose from and, as the years have gone by, Linux desktops have made big advances in terms of features and quality.

One redditor recently noted how much better Linux desktops are today in a thread on the Linux subreddit.

Qdhcjv started the thread with these comments:

I’ve used Linux for server software and often fiddled with it by command line for development or just for fun. I previously used it for my desktop operating system under Ubuntu 8.04 ages ago. After my somewhat mediocre experience, I switched back to Windows. However, over the last few days, as windows 10 managed to irritate me more and more, I decided to give Linux desktops a shot again.

I booted into elementary OS and was shocked at how far it’d come. Not only did it look and run great, but “it just worked” better than windows had! I always fought with Windows when trying to add a printer on my network.

I remembered Linux being more of a nightmare. Well, lo and behold, elementary detected my local printer and added it in seconds. While this may seem minor it was pretty exciting to see. I’m seriously impressed with how far things have come and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

His fellow redditors responded with their thoughts about the quality of today’s Linux desktops:

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