IDG Contributor Network: Should you dump Chrome for Firefox?


Should you switch from Chrome to Firefox?

Chrome and Firefox have both been at the top of the heap when it comes to browsers. But these days it seems like Chrome has become , with many Firefox users having switched over to it.

But is it time to dump Chrome and go back to Firefox? This topic came up recently in a thread on the Linux subreddit, and it drew some passionate responses.

Ardeaf started the thread with this post:

Switched to Chrome when it first came out because Firefox was imo bloated at the time. On Linux now and it looks like Firefox is more supported by the community for various reasons.

Should I be switching back?

Fellow Linux redditors responded with their thoughts about Chrome versus Firefox: reviews Endless OS

Linux offers an amazing number of distributions to choose from, and now is yet another option. A writer at has a full review of Endless OS.

Jack Wallen reports for

You may not have heard of Endless OS. It happens to be the platform that powers Endless Computers (which includes the uniquely shaped, Endless One). The operating system is not just limited to Endless hardware, though. In fact, you can install the OS on standard systems (or as a virtual machine) and discover a rather interesting take on Linux.

This is not your traditional, über-flexible, do everything Linux distribution. Endless OS is something different—an operating system that is truly ideal for those wanting to break ties with proprietary systems, but don’t want to face a steep learning curve (or any learning curve, for that matter). Endless OS is likely the easiest operating system platform you’ll ever experience.

Of course, that expanded user-friendliness comes at a cost. And, said cost is that Endless OS isn’t Linux like you’ve come to know and love. Upon installation, what you’ll find is an incredibly streamlined experience with limited power and flexibility. Forked from GNOME 3.8, Endless OS uses its own EOS Shell that is somewhat Android-like in its layout (Figure 1) and behavior.

In the end, Endless OS is a desktop that offers a very mobile-like experience, while retaining a slight Linux flavor. New users can get up to speed without hesitation and seasoned Linux users might quickly grow frustrated with the lack of flexibility. All in all, however, Endless OS should be considered a very unique take on Linux that fills a gap for new users looking for a desktop platform that doesn’t hit them with too many options, offers a familiar desktop metaphor, and makes getting work done easy.

A Microsoft employee combines Linux and surfing

Microsoft has had a…er…controversial history with Linux. But the company has changed in recent years, and has taken a more positive attitude toward Linux.

One Microsoft employee recently shared his experience combining surfing at the beach and Linux on his desktop.

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