IDG Contributor Network: Why is Ubuntu Linux so popular?


Why is Ubuntu Linux so popular?

Ubuntu Linux has been around for a long time, and over the years it has proven to one of the most popular Linux distributions ever. But what has made it so popular?

A redditor recently asked that question in the Linux subreddit and got some interesting answers.

Quardah started the thread with this post:

Honest question: Why is Ubuntu popular?

I am strongly wondering why is Ubuntu this popular. I don’t feel like it addresses any “role” for a distro. All the other “big” distros are really specific into their specialization…

I am having a hard time why Ubuntu has become popular. I personally view it as a distro popularized by a private industry? Is it popular because it managed to build a community or because it’s easy to work with?

His fellow redditors responded with their thoughts about Ubuntu’s enduring popularity:

Does Adobe hate Linux?

Many users have long hoped that Adobe would someday release its graphic suite for Linux. Alas, Adobe still has not done so and there’s no indication that it will ever happen.

Adobe’s lack of support for Linux has one writer at Freedom Penguin wondering if the company actually hates Linux.

Jacob Roecker reports for Freedom Penguin:

What’s missing is a graphics suite and there’s really no excuse for not having one. Yes, we have graphics applications, but there are advantages to having a suite, not just a one-off application that can do something in 12 steps when its competitor can do it in three. The industry leader in this market is Adobe, whose Creative Cloud suite is leaps and bounds away from its competitors in terms of market share.

From what I can see, Adobe’s not going to be bullied into porting their software. If bullying and requests worked then the numerous forum requests for Photoshop on Linux would have made their mark years ago. They haven’t been the catalyst people had hoped for, but we do have a potential catalyst in the community, Mark Shuttleworth.

I think it’s time for Mark to try another round on indiegogo, and this time being the attention back on the desktop. Run a campaign for funding to buy the first license for Photoshop on Ubuntu. Call Adobe and ask for the price tag and let us help you pay for it. Once they’ve got one customer, they’ll be able to have more. It’ll shift the burden of production costs from Adobe to the market and prove at the same time that there’s market demand to justify that shift. This campaign needs a face, and there’s no one better than Mark.

DistroWatch reviews Super Grub2 Disk

If you’re a distrohopper and have had problems with your boot loader, might be just what the doctor ordered. DistroWatch has a full review of Super Grub2 Disk.

Check out this video to see how you can use Super Grub2 Disk:

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