Kotlin 1.4 arrives with IDE and compiler enhancements


, an upgrade to JetBrains’ , is now available as a production release. Highlights of the update include new IDE and compiler capabilities.

IDE improvements in Kotlin 1.4 include a coroutine debugger and a , which creates Kotlin projects of different types. The IDE also gains , intentions, and inspections. And thanks to IDE performance tweaks, autocomplete suggestions and content highlighting in large Kotlin files are faster. 

A new compiler in Kotlin 1.4 features a more powerful type inference algorithm. There also are new JVM and JavaScript back ends, currently in an alpha mode. A hierarchical project structure in Kotlin 1.4 enables sharing of code between a subset of targets, such as similar iOS-related targets for iOS ARM64 devices. In addition, developers can use platform-dependent libraries from common code shared among several native targets.

Instructions for getting started with Kotlin can be found at . Statically typed Kotlin is positioned for the JVM, Android development, and the browser. In May 2017 .

Other features in Kotlin 1.4 include:

  • SAM (single abstract method) conversions for Kotlin interfaces.
  • An explicit API mode for library authors.
  • Mixing of named and positional arguments.
  • Trailing comma.
  • Callable reference improvements.
  • Experimental type annotations.
  • Use of break and continue inside when in loops.
  • Standard library improvements including new collection operators, delegated properties improvements and other capabilities, such as a double-ended queue implementation, ArrayDeque.
  • Gradually eovling based on user feedback.
  • The serialization library is getting closer to maturity with the release of 1.0.0-RC.
  • The  library and preview of the DateTime API.
  • The JavaScript target for Kotlin has a new Gradle DSL and an alpha version of the Kotlin/JS IR compiler back end.
  • Improved performance of compilation and execution.
  • Better interoperability between Kotlin/Native and Swift/Objective-C.
  • Simplified management of CocoaPods dependencies.

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