Microsoft Edge has bookmarks, of course, but they’re called Favorites. I’ll show you how they work and how to move over your bookmarks from another browser.

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You get to your Favorites in Edge by clicking the Hub icon, which looks like three horizontal lines of different lengths. This menu slides out from the side, and you hit the star icon to get to your Favorites list.

You’ll probably want to turn on the Favorites bar, too. In the Favorites menu, hit the Settings link on the right. There you’ll see an option for “Show the favorites bar,” which, as you can see, is Off by default. Just slide it to On, and you’ll see the bar appear in the browser window.

You can build Favorites from scratch by going to any URL and hitting the star icon in the address bar. You can edit the name and also choose whether it’ll show up in the Favorites bar or in a Favorites folder. I’ll put this one on the bar so you can see what that looks like.

To import bookmarks from another browser, click this button in the Favorites settings that says “Import your favorites.” This works for Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox, and it just drops those bookmarks into a folder in your Favorites list.

One of those folders will be called “Bookmarks bar.” That’s where all the websites you saved in your old browser’s bookmarks bar will be. To put them onto Edge’s Favorite’s bar, click and drag them to Edge’s “Favorites Bar” folder at the top of this window. You’ll also see them show up automatically in the Favorites bar.

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