Nominate yourself for the 2019 Enterprise Architecture Awards

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Digital transformation, innovation, and customer obsession top businesses’ strategic agendas. Enterprise architecture (EA) teams must enable these goals with the right technology roadmap and with internal operating models that can help enterprises attain their goals. EA programs have left behind their old role of centralized and largely disengaged planning and have moved pragmatically into making the vision real with a network of embedded hands-on architects.

How do I know EA teams are working this way? The Forrester/InfoWorld showed how EA played leading roles in their firms’ digital transformation efforts and had impressive results. Leadership, collaboration, business smarts, tech smarts, and an agile operating model are the hallmarks of today’s high-impact EA teams.

Each year, Forrester and InfoWorld highlight the EA programs that have made a significant impact on their organizations—embracing the opportunities for helping their business be customer-led, insights-driven, fast, and connected. We are now accepting nominations for the 2019 Enterprise Architecture Awards.

If you have a story to tell, please submit it to the Forrester/InfoWorld 2019 Enterprise Architecture Awards. Describe how you are helping your firm succeed at its strategy, such as:

  • You helped your organization become an insights-driven business.
  • You guided the development and execution of a digital transformation strategy.
  • You helped your firm embrace agile methods and scaled these methods to the enterprise.
  • Your team has cracked the nut of measuring EA’s contribution and value.
  • Or any other way you helped your organization to be successful.

Want some inspiration? Read about previous Enterprise Architecture Awards winners:

As with the previous Enterprise Architecture Awards, what we look for and how we judge hasn’t changed:

. Please use the phrase “Forrester / InfoWorld EA Awards” in the subject line. We will send an acknowledgement within two business days.

Be sure to include: