Productivity Hack: Why You Should Ditch Your Stock PDF Reader for PDFpenPro

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Between coursepacks and contracts, no college campus or workplace is complete without PDF files. That’s because PDF is, globally, the predominant format for file viewing. PDFs enable documents to be shared electronically while maintaining all elements of its original formatting. However, average PDF readers lack special tools to optimize your PDF experience. Luckily, PDFpenPro’s advanced features provide Mac-based professionals precisely what you’re looking for– and you can

One of the most valuable features you’re missing out on a standard PDF reader is optical character recognition software (OCR), which will analyze PDFs of scanned pages and convert them to searchable and editable text. This is particularly handy if you’re skimming through batches of scanned pages to find the perfect quote to reference in a paper or presentation; or, if you want to highlight your document and create a summary of your annotations for a board meeting.

Leverage PDFpenPro’s power and versatility. If you need to fill out a scanned form or create interactive forms for others, PDFpenPro lets you automatically generate and fill form fields, add signatures, edit text, redact text, and more. Engineers and designers can zoom up to 1600%. Or, mobilize your creative powers and use PDFpenPro to create printables with ease.

If you work with PDFs often, using the PDF reader that came with your computer will be a waste of time. Maximize your productivity and free up time for the priorities in your life. PDFpenPro’s comprehensive PDF editing tool kit gives Mac-based professionals powerful tools that make reading and editing your files easy, and