Slack finally launches its enterprise edition


After a long wait, Slack has announced the version of its popular work chat application that is designed for enterprises. Today, the company aimed at helping companies administer and connect multiple chat instances.

Grid links separate Slack workspaces across an enterprise

Grid allows business administrators to set up each team inside their organization with their own centrally managed Slack instance. Those workspaces can then be linked using shared channels, and all of the people inside an enterprise can direct-message one another, even if they’re not part of the same workspace.

Those features help deal with one of the biggest issues enterprises have encountered with Slack. The chat application isn’t really designed to support an entire business with thousands of people all working inside the same instance, while maintaining departmental separation. The only option prior to the launch of Grid was to use a series of isolated Slack teams and give individual users membership to each one they needed to take part in.

Now, companies cancreate an archipelago of connected teams, which should be more useful for larger organizations.

from Microsoft, Teams presents a serious threat. A of IT pros showed that Microsoft’s chat app beat out Slack when it comes to planned adoption over the next year. Microsoft that 30,000 organizations have already used Teams, even though it’s still in beta.

Grid may help turn some of that tide, however.