Track and analyze the COVID-19 pandemic with KNIME


We are all familiar with this chart by now.


Figure 1. Cumulative numbers of confirmed COVID-19 cases, deaths due to COVID-19, and recoveries by day worldwide. 

With the increasingly rapid spread of COVID-19 all around the world, we have read and heard much about how contagious it is; its impact on China, Iran, South Korea, Italy, and elsewhere; and the severe containment measures adopted. And we have seen many versions of this chart, monitoring the spread of the disease daily by counting the cumulative number of confirmed cases, deaths, and recoveries all over the world.

An informative breakdown of these numbers can be found in the widely visited blog post  by , published on March 10, 2020. There, the dramatic differences between the spread of the disease within China and outside China show how effective the containment measures in China were and the danger that the coronavirus poses to the the U.S., Iran, Italy, and the rest of the world. Two weeks later, how has the situation evolved?

We have reproduced this line plot and other charts in a free-to-download web application that allows you to drill down on the data behind the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, we cannot say that the situation has improved for the better. We have seen a sharp increase of confirmed cases in March. We broke down these numbers to explore the situation by continent and by country.