Transposit aims to make API apps easier to build

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Looking to make it easier for developers to use APIs, newcomer Transposit has created a cloud-based platform for building production applications on top of APIs. Available now in a public beta stage, Transposit features a relational engine that lets developers use JavaScript and SQL to join and transform data.

Transposit addresses a situation in which APIs are proliferating and developers have to deal with their complexities, company CEO Adam Leventhal, co-author of the , said. Transposit presents a standardized SQL layer across APIs, uses JavaScript for pedestrian transformations and procedural logic, and deploys applications in a serverless compute environment. 

Currently, Transposit focuses on APIs available on the public Internet but in the abstract, other APIs can be reached. Some users have built connectors to reach into their own clouds for API access. The creators of Transposit cite benefits including:

  • Instant connections to APIs, without the overhead of pagination, authentication, and retries.
  • Interactive exploration of APIs and data in real time, bringing relational database capabilities to diverse data sources.
  • Collaborative development of applications with teammates, who can easily share applications.

Developers can use Transposit for free now, but eventually the service will be fee-based. There is no timeline yet for ending the beta period. Plans call for adding Python language support. Transposit is deployed on Amazon Web Services but deployments on other clouds are anticipated, including possibly private cloud infrastructure. You can sign up for the Transposit beta program at the .