IDG Contributor Network: Bringing embedded analytics into the 21st century


Software development has changed pretty radically over the last decade. Waterfall is out, Agile is in. Slow release cycles are out, continuous deployment is in. Developers avoid scaling up and scale out instead. Proprietary integration protocols have (mostly) given way to open standards.

At the same time, exposing analytics to customers in your application has gone from a rare, premium offering to a requirement. Static reports and SOAP APIs that deliver XML files just don’t cut it anymore.

And yet, the way that most embedded analytics systems are designed is basically the same as it was 10 years ago: Inflexible, hard to scale, lacking modern version control, and reliant on specialized, expensive hardware.

Build or Buy?

It’s no wonder that today’s developers often choose to build embedded analytics system in-house. Developers love a good challenge, so when faced with the choice between an outdated, off-the-shelf solution and building for themselves, they’re going to get to work.