IDG Contributor Network: The next big challenge in building the data-driven economy


The importance of data continues to grow, so much so that recently declared “the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.” The rise in connected devices, from mobile phones to information-gathering sensors, is producing more data than ever with the potential to provide new insights about our economy.

As with any valuable resource, though, production is only part of the equation. Logistics — moving the resource to the right place at the right time — is equally important. After all, a gallon of gas only has value when you can get it to people with cars.

When it comes to data, most industries still lag in logistics. While connected devices are driving up data production, many businesses are still using outdated file transfer software, such as FTP, to move vast amounts of data between locations — the digital equivalent of sending packages cross-country by horse and buggy.

Cloud and cognitive fuel need for data transfer

To realize the full potential of data, the technology used to move data will need to catch up. Unlike older transfer systems, these new technologies must provide fast, predictable rates of transfer regardless of the amount of data, locations involved or competing traffic. This need for faster and more advanced data transfer technologies will become even more important as two major trends take hold: the shift to the cloud and the rise of cognitive business.