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is a distributed SQL database built on top of a transactional and consistent key-value store. It is designed to survive disk, machine, rack, and even data center failures with minimal latency disruption and no manual intervention. In my January 2018 review of CockroachDB v1.13, I gave the product five stars, but also noted it was still missing many features. That’s changed.

The arrival of CockroachDB v2.0 in April brought significant performance improvements, expanded the product’s PostgreSQL compatibility by adding support for JSON (among other types), and provided functionality for managing multi-regional clusters in production. On the roadmap for CockroachDB v2.1 are a cost-based query optimizer (for an order of magnitude improvement in query performance), correlated subqueries (for ORMs), and better support for schema changes, plus encryption at rest in the Enterprise product.

— Martin Heller