3 steps to solving disaster recovery in the cloud

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5 IFTTT alternatives for developers

By itself, an app or a website can only do so much. It’s when it works in conjunction with other services that it becomes truly powerful. —for If This Then That—popularized...

Using Windows Server containers in AKS

When it comes to building distributed applications at scale, containers have become the logical deployment tool. They let you wrap up code at a service level, keeping your application separate...

Why your cloudops staff is quitting

It’s Monday morning and you have another letter of resignation on your desk. This time from a woman who was doing performance monitoring and cloud-system tuning. Last week it was...

Microsoft unveils full-stack web templates for Visual Studio Code

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10 Kubernetes distributions leading the container revolution

Kubernetes has become the project to turn to if you need container orchestration at scale. The open source container orchestration system out of Google is well-regarded, well-supported, and evolving fast.Kubernetes...

GitHub launches GitHub Package Registry

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Why you likely don’t need an internal cloud broker

You need a public cloud-based relational database to support a new application. You submit a request, not directly to a specific cloud provider, but to an internal cloud broker. This...

Cloud for health care: Avoid these 2 pain points

The global health care cloud computing market is estimated to grow at an annual growth rate . If you’ve done the math, that puts the market value around $40 billion...

A new wave of Azure services lifts Kubernetes and Cosmos DB

Microsoft has starting referring to itself as a three-cloud company. There’s the Xbox gaming cloud, Microsoft 365 productivity services, and, first and foremost, Azure. Number two behind Amazon Web Services,...