2 cloud tasks to do before 2017 ends


Vacations are over, school is about to start, and people are starting to think about what to do in the four months until the end of the year. In IT, that means driving success in the cloud.

Many IT manages have been incentivized with impending deadlines for shutting down enterprise data centers, migrating applications, and converting data from the enterprise to the cloud data conversion projects. It’s all a bit overwhelming. But there are two things you must do before 2017 is over.

1. Think security—yes, again

When considering the public cloud, security should be systemic to everything you do. This includes when encryption, key management, and the use of identities. However, most enterprises moving to cloud have no real definition of their security strategy, not to mention policies or the selection of enabling technology.

All is not lost. You can develop a strong security plan and lay out its implementation details between now and December. Be sure to include workload requirements and consider industry compliance (such as around personal information) and the impact on performance, devops, and other areas of the business that security may touch.