3 killer cloud skills that will get you hired today


One of the most common questions that I’m asked is: “What cloud skills do I need that will get me hired quickly?”

First, keep in mind that this is an emerging area, so what employers are looking for is constantly shifting. Second, even if they do hire you for a specific skill, you’ll be asked to retrain and retool as the cloud technology matures.

Still, here are three skills that should get you hired right now:

Any Amazon Web Services certification. My advice to people leaving college is always the same: Get AWS-certified. It does not matter if you take the developer or architect path for AWS skills; companies are focused on all those AWS certifications. 

and have achieved buzzword status, despite being truly practical technologies. So, there’s high demand for people skilled in these new areas, even if hiring companies don’t really understand them or know what they would do with them.