5 IFTTT alternatives for developers


By itself, an app or a website can only do so much. It’s when it works in conjunction with other services that it becomes truly powerful. —for If This Then That—popularized hitching together multiple websites and services into event-driven workflows that most anyone could use.

IFTTT isn’t the only game in town for hitching things together, though—especially if you’re a programmer. Here are five offerings—three hosted services and two open source projects—that provide IFTTT-like integrations for both stand-alone developers and developers working in enterprise settings.


works a lot like IFTTT. You pick from a catalog of over 1,000 available services, choose actions from one service that serve as a trigger, then hook that up to actions on other services, using a flowchart-like UI. Zapier’s biggest drawback is that it is still quite new—some features and integrations remain undelivered.

Zapier sports a large roster of enterprise-specific and developer-centric integrations: GitHub, Slack, OneDrive, Monday, Trello. Browse the category and odds are you’ll find most every tool you already use, as well as a few you weren’t aware of.

Some integrations are available only to premium users, such as AWS Lambda, but the vast majority (including those mentioned above) can be accessed on the free tier. Other integrations are still in beta, like Okta or CloudBoost. And still others are planned but not yet available, such as Code Climate, CircleCI, Amazon RedShift, and Active Directory.