According to internet monitoring platform Catchpoint, on Tuesday that had cascading effects across other Amazon cloud services and many internet sites that rely on the popular cloud platform.

“S3 is like air in the cloud,” says Forrester analyst Dave Bartoletti; when it goes down many websites can’t breathe. But disruptions, errors and outages are a fact of life in the cloud. Bartoletti says there’s no reason to panic: “This is not a trend,” he notes. “S3 has been so reliable, so secure, it’s been the sort of crown jewel of Amazon’s cloud.”


What this week should be though is a wake up call to make sure your cloud-based applications are ready for the next time the cloud hiccups. Here are five tips for preparing yourself for a cloud outage:

that can automatically kill certain internal systems to test their tolerance to errors. Do they work? This week, Netflix didn’t report any issues with its service being down.

For more information related to AWS best practices on architecting for fault tolerance, check out this .

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