Admit your mistakes if you want to succeed in the cloud


It’s 8:00 a.m. and I get a call from a client. It sounds like the workloads that the CIO had IT move to public cloud are not performing well. The data, by the way, was left on-premises, so all database calls are being made across the open internet.

Can you guess what’s wrong here?

In this case, the client admitted that the separation of the application and the database by 3,000 miles was a key mistake, and it was willing to redo the implementation. Obviously, that meant more costs, risk, and time. However, the client got a workable workload in the end. And a valuable lesson learned.

But some companies are not as smart. They are slow to admit mistakes, if they ever admit them at all. So the costs of getting it wrong — and of continuing to get it wrong — really add up.