Are you cloud-savvy? Take this test to find out

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There are a few people who are truly savvy about cloud computing, but most are just posers.

Here is a quick test to see if you’ve got the right stuff.

  1. Do you understand that serverless does not actually mean it is serverless? If yes, give yourself 10 points.
  2. Do you believe “cloud formation” is actually a formation of rain clouds? If yes, take away 5 points.
  3. Do you believe “cloud governance” means Amazon Web Services is obeying the law? If yes, take away 5 points.
  4. Do you think that “identity management” is inside your wallet or purse? If yes, take away 5 points.
  5. Do you know that Kubernetes is a container-orchestration tool, and not a new Eastern religion? If yes, give yourself 15 points.
  6. Do you think cloudops is the opposite of cloud computing? If yes, take away 5 points.
  7. Can you can name 20 AWS services, and include 10 APIs for those services? If yes, give yourself 20 points.
  8. Have you’ve used the term “cloud” more than 100 times today? If yes, take away 10 points.

So, what’s your score?

  • 45 points = super cloud-savvy
  • 25 to 40 = Somewhat cloud-savvy
  • 1 to 20 = Keep your day job
  • 0 to –25 = Pray you won’t be discovered
  • –30 = Super unsavvy

Although my tongue is clearly in my cheek for this one, there are people out there who make critical cloud computing calls around the use of cloud technology who have no business doing so. I talk to them every day. Don’t be one.