AWS streamlines cloud services for JavaScript developers


Amazon Web Services has developed a declarative JavaScript library, AWS Amplify, to aid building cloud-enabled applications via categories of cloud services instead of via individual service contracts.

AWS Amplify features

The AWS Amplify library supports multiple category scenarios, including:

  • Auth, featuring a module providing authentication APIs and capabilities. Credentials are offered for the AWS Signature Version 4 signing process and tokens from the Amazon Cognito sign-in service for web and mobile apps.
  • Analytics, for tracking users in the Amazon Pinpoint tracking application. Pinpoint enables targeted marketing.
  • Storage, providing commands to upload, download and list content in the Amazon S3 cloud storage service.
  • An LRU (least recently used) cache interface across web and React Native applications using implementation-specific persistence.
  • i18n and logging for internationalization and localization.

Amazon also is offering AWS Mobile CLI, providing command-line capabilities for front-end JavaScript developers to integrate back-end resources into mobile apps. Developers can build serverless back ends with the , for putting cloud functionality into a project. Amplify then allows common configuration from this process to be accessed from a line of code.

Although the default Amplify implementation works with Amazon Web Services cloud resources, the library can also be used with other cloud services as a pluggable resource.

 should download the aws-amplify-react-native package on NPM instead. AWS Mobile CLI can be accessed via NPM as awsmobile-cli.