Azure Stack: Good private cloud technology that you don’t need


Last week, the hybrid cloud landscape changed significantly. At the Microsoft Ignite conference, Microsoft and several hardware partners announced availability of the . Think of it as a configurable rack of hardware that has a version of the Azure public cloud on it.

Azure Stack is the private cloud that is on par with the public cloud

First, let’s understand the value of Azure Stack. If you’re a Microsoft shop, chances are you’ve moved to the Azure public cloud and you’re at some stage in migration. So, if you need a private cloud—for reasons of security, compliance, or the fact that you’re just not cool with putting all your data in a public cloud—this technology is likely for you.

What is unique about the Azure Stack private cloud is that it’s paired with a public cloud. So, workloads should move well between them without much, if any, refactoring. Indeed, Azure Stack is one of the first private clouds with feature/function parity of a public cloud (Microsoft Azure). 

Other private clouds, such as those based on OpenStack, just don’t have the services that you find in public clouds such as Amazon Web Services. So, enterprises have bypassed these private cloud platforms. 

, with some legit applications.