Azure’s rise instills doubts in AWS shops


RightScale’s is out now and has been , so I won’t give you the rundown here. But there were key findings I want to point out in terms of impact to the enterprise.

According to the report: 

  • In polling the respondents, RightScale found that Azure grew overall from 20 to 34 percent, while Amazon Web Services stayed flat at 57 percent.
  • Google grew from 10 to 15 percent to maintain third position.
  • Within enterprises, Azure increased adoption significantly: from 26 percent to 43 percent. By contrast, AWS adoption increased slightly: from 56 percent to 59 percent.

Enterprises are asking about the last bullet point because they have made a tremendous investment in AWS, but are now second-guessing their support.


Microsoft Azure saw a great jump in cloud adoption last year, thanks to its installed base and good technology. AWS’s growth is holding steady with the market.

Let’s be clear: Azure’s success is well-earned. Microsoft was late to the party, but not so late that it missed out on doing the right things around adoption of its cloud.