Cloud lockin: It’s not as bad you might think


“I don’t want to get locked in to any specific cloud” is what I hear from clients on a daily basis. Of course you don’t. Who does? 

However, these are the realities of cloud services: If you move your applications to a cloud and you use native services on that cloud, you’re now coupled to that cloud. This does not mean you can’t move the application again, but it will cost you time, money, and of course risk. You’re not technically locked in, but it won’t be cheap to move to a different provider. So you may feel locked in.

The truth of the matter is that all major public cloud providers come with the lockin trade-off. Although you can certainly write and deploy applications to a public cloud provider that are portable to similar platforms on other clouds, your applications won’t reach their full potential if you don’t use those native cloud services that make moving difficult.

You’ll lose integration into security services, governance services, high performance, and cost efficiency. In other words, unless you accept some lockin, your applications won’t take full advantage of the new cloud host.