Cloud migration strategy: How to build a team of experts


It’s one thing to move a few applications to the cloud and call it a day. It’s another thing entirely to launch a major cloud computing migration that encompasses virtually every facet of the IT environment.

Summing up — Why harmony matters

Despite the great promise of the cloud for adding efficiency and agility, the fact is not everyone is going to be thrilled with a move to the cloud because it means change. While much of the change might be for the better, it’s still a shift in the way things are done — and that can promote dissention and resentment.

That’s why it’s important for members of the cloud team to work together in harmony, not just to ensure a successful move to the cloud but also to promote the effectiveness of the cloud for the entire organization.

To that end, every member of the cloud migration team needs to also be a cheerleader. Management needs to promote the potential opportunities of a cloud migration, such as the chance to learn new skills.

For example, there’s going to be increased demand for skills related to machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Staffing firm Akraya says the 2020 forecast for machine learning and AI related to cloud computing is showing a significant increase.

Over the past few years, cloud vendors have developed and expanded their sets of tools and services that allow organizations to gain the benefits of machine learning and AI in the cloud, the firm says.

Other top cloud skills expected to be in high demand serverless architecture. databases, programming languages and DevOps.

There is no doubt that the rise of cloud computing is fully underway. The question is how prepared will organizations be to make the jump and thrive in this new environment. The answer might lie in how well they assemble the teams needed to guide enterprises along the cloud journey.