Cloud project? Prepare for failure


You’ve been tasked with moving 50 applications and their data to the cloud. That’s a daunting task, even if you’ve done it before, but most such migrations are first-time efforts. There’s a big risk in your making a mistake or in the fundamental approach you’ve chosen.

Surveys from Innotas seem to indicate that the initial wave of transitions to the cloud has in fact increased the number of failures. In 2014, an Innotas survey of IT pros showed that 32 percent of their companies experienced at least one project failure in the prior year. In 2015, that percentage jumped to 55 percent. (Some good news: The percentage dipped to 50 percent in the 2016 survey.)

I believe the jump is at least partly due to the switch to the cloud. Because the cloud is an unfamiliar area for IT organizations, more failures are occurring as IT pros learn the hard way.

In fact, I figure you have a one-in-three chance that your cloud project will be considered a failure, perhaps because you spent way more than you budgeted or more likely because you pick the wrong technology or cloud services. I see these failed projects weekly, often when they are too late to fix.