Don’t let cloud providers kick you off like United


As everyone knows, last week a United Airlines passenger was asked to deplane because the airline overbooked and needed his seat for a staff member, then was dragged off the plane by Chicago airport cops when he refused to leave. Yes, the passenger didn’t follow the rules, but the .

Believe it or not, what happened at United is an object lesson for any business that signs up for cloud services. I’ll explain shortly.

Back in 2007, I boarded a United flight that was overbooked, and I . It was inconvenient and humiliating. However, I didn’t go limp, and the cops didn’t drag me bleeding off the flight.

Most airline employees, whether at United or another carrier, robotically follow procedures and rules. In the case of last week’s passenger, who didn’t believe he could be forced off the flight because he had a paid ticket, the employees didn’t try to solve the problem, such as by asking for a volunteer or trying to solve the passenger’s concerns (he had patients to treat the next day back home). They did what the procedures said and called the cops.