Google App Engine adds support for Java 11

Google App Engine adds support for Java 11


Google App Engine adds support for Java 11 | InfoWorld

since June.

The Java 11 runtime on App Engine offers twice the amount of memory as the earlier Java 8 runtime, providing better support for applications that run under a heavy workload with large amounts of data. Developers can use frameworks including , Ktor, Vert.x, or Micronaut.

In the Google App Engine managed environment, the runtime is automatically updated with the latest security patches to the operating system and minor revisions to the Java Development Kit (JDK). App Engine also provides services including request tracing, traffic splitting, centralized logging, and production debugging.

Java 11, or , was made available by Oracle in September 2018. As an LTS version, Java 11 is slated to receive support from Oracle well into the next decade. This contrasts with six months of Oracle support for other releases, such as the current or the prior JDK 12 release.

How to access Google App Engine’s Java 11 runtime

You can  from the Google Cloud website. Google also is on migrating App Engine Java 8 applications to App Engine Java 11.