Hello MicroK8s: A simpler Kubernetes


is rapidly becoming the de facto platform for container-based applications. Kubernetes automates the deployment and scaling of containerized applications and simplifies maintenance tasks such as updates and upgrades. The technology has been an incredible success story since Google open sourced it in 2014.

As a result, developers, system admins, and tech enthusiasts around the world are not only interested in learning Kubernetes, but Kubernetes is increasingly becoming part of their jobs.

However, despite its huge benefits, Kubernetes is a complex container orchestration tool that can easily frustrate and overwhelm beginners. Anyone who has worked with Kubernetes, or has tried to, is all too familiar with the pain of getting a Kubernetes deployment set up and running.

Enter , a powerful, enterprise-grade  from Canonical that we believe is the smallest and fastest multi-node Kubernetes. MicroK8s (pronounced “micro-kates”) has a small disk and memory footprint while offering production-grade add-ons out of the box including Istio, Knative, Grafana, Cilium, and many more.