How to diagnose cloud performance issues


Is your public cloud-based workload too slow? You don’t know where to look first?  Here are some quick guidelines for diagnosing the root cause of most performance issues.

I’ve found that many people in IT who can quickly diagnose issues with traditional systems have trouble diagnosing cloud-based system. Why? Because they don’t have a deep understanding of what’s in a public cloud, such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, and believe that it’s a black box.

That’s really not the case. Plus, the system management tools and APIs that most public clouds provide are first-rate. However, you do have to understand where to look first, and what tools to use.

Cloud performance is complex, because it’s a complex distributed system at the end of the day. However, follow the five diagnoses steps below to find and fix root causes. If you find performance issues at one step, don’t stop there! You may have more than one issue affecting performance.