IBM Bluemix wants to take the drudgery out of devops


With Bluemix, IBM set out to create a cloud environment rich with tools that developers could then harness to their benefit. Next step for IBM: Make it easy to string together and use those tools in common workflows, without reinventing the wheel with each new project.

That’s the idea behind , which provides devops teams with end-to-end, preconfigured toolchains for many common tasks, as well as the ability to create new toolchains for future development needs. 

The big value of Bluemix Continuous Delivery, according to IBM, is the accompanying out-of-the-box toolchains. The toolchains should cover many common use cases, such as . Toolchains also come with step-by-step walkthroughs, illustrations, and explanations, so little guesswork is required.

Right now, only a handful of toolchains are available in Bluemix Continuous Delivery. IBM will likely introduce more as time goes on, but odds are the majority of toolchains offered through the service will be user-created content—recipes created by others to deliver production workloads.

, with tools like ,  all claiming to aid the process of getting code through production and into operation. If Bluemix Continuous Delivery makes Jenkins into part of a workflow, IBM could be bringing a big-picture definition of devops to this project.