IDG Contributor Network: AI, IoT, and the hybrid cloud: the triumvirate of IT’s future


Information technology systems of the future are increasingly focused on where data is generated and processed, how it’s delivered and collected, and how quickly this data can move. Finding the most efficient path is key.

Two of the most significant trends are the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), which fit together like hand in glove. In a very simple form, IoT is about a multitude of devices exchanging data from a multitude of data points, which are being collected in a plethora of ways and on a plethora of platforms. That data must be quickly analyzed and in most cases, sent to the next level for further processing.

Meanwhile, AI is about programmatically manipulating this big data to make real-time and time-sensitive decisions. The only way to build for this technological union is with a hybrid multicloud platform. The elements of hybrid IT infrastructure providing the most efficient path for AI and IoT form the foundation of technologies that will spark business advantages, innovation, and the “cloud of clouds” of the future.

IoT and the edge of computing

There are devices all around us that are collecting, distributing, and processing data at what is considered the edge of the modern enterprise and the consumer space. Even further, all of this data must be quickly analyzed, collected, and transferred in space that is beyond the realm of immediate control.