IDG Contributor Network: Attack and response: Cloud-native cybersecurity vs. virtual machine security


Which is more secure: virtual machines (VMs) or containers? The truth is that securing containers and cloud-native workloads is different than securing VMs, and it all starts with understanding attack and response and the ever-evolving nature of threats.

For years, the security ecosystem has been in response mode. When an attack happens, the immediate reaction is to ensure security elements put in place can help prevent those attack behaviors in the future. Yet today, vulnerabilities exist in 35 percent of websites, according to a . More persistent, sophisticated and proliferating threats require security teams to rethink their approach.

Cloud-native security can give you stronger capabilities of protecting against attacks before they happen, creating an airtight security environment. It starts with understanding today’s threat environment.

The ABCs of threats

The types of threats that wreak havoc on data centers are relatively simple. Oftentimes your adversary is tons of script kiddies that look for known vulnerabilities, and use known tools to take advantage of old versions of software running in your environment. Or, you’re securing against more sophisticated attackers which hinges on preventing your weakest applications which they’ll try to uncover through investigation into everything in your application environment—the data center, the domain names, the subnet, the exposed services.