IDG Contributor Network: Cloud confidence: Overcoming the need to control


For those of us who have made our careers in IT and technology, the cost savings and performance benefits of cloud computing are obvious. In some ways, it’s a no-brainer to make the transition. Yet, at the same time, the jump to the cloud can sometimes feel less like a standard technology migration and more like an enormous leap of faith.

That’s because in IT our natural desire is to own and control. It has been our modus operandi for decades. We have always been able to point to what we own with pride.

Embracing the cloud requires us to give up that feeling of access and control. This is a huge cultural and emotional shift, especially if you grew up in hardware as I did. With the cloud, practically all of the things we’ve known and believed to be true of technology are in the past. Now, software sits squarely between you and the infrastructure, and it is a bit unnerving at times.

The reality, though, is that the infrastructure has been commoditized. The cloud promises massive computing power, better security, improved efficiency and transparency, all at tremendous costs savings.