IDG Contributor Network: Container usage trends: An inside look based on active container deployments


There is tremendous momentum across the Docker container ecosystem year over year as more organizations transition to devops and microservices models and gain more expertise in the modern stack. The second annual Docker usage report from Sysdig shows more activity, more scale, and life cycle attributes that are unique to container environments.

The report is based on real-world data collected from 90,000 containers in production—twice the sample size of last year—in a broad cross-section of vertical industries. Companies ranged in size from mid-market to large enterprises in North America, Latin America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific.

Data for the study came from a point-in-time snapshot of container usage as reported by the Sysdig Monitor and Sysdig Secure cloud service that my company offers, tools that watch system calls between containers and their host environment to provide intelligence about what containers are doing.

Of the many findings revealed by the snapshot, here are five that help put container usage trends in perspective (for a more visual display of these findings, you can view this ):

on these findings and insight into still other aspects of container usage.

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