IDG Contributor Network: Fog computing: an intelligent move for (artificially) intelligent startups


Cryptocurrencies have been a hot topic as of late, because their adoption has threatened to turn the financial industry on its head. The true power of cryptocurrencies, though, is the underlying blockchain technology—and finance is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to its implementation. The level of decentralization offered by blockchain technology has promised to disrupt a outside of finance as well, including cybersecurity, voting—and now cloud computing.

In “,” a recently published Venture Beat article, Viktor Charypar says that we’re facing the end of the cloud. And I agree with him. Chasing the digital gold that is cryptocurrency, people around the world have acquired a huge amount of powerful computing resources for mining purposes. However, as more and more cryptocurrency is being mined, the activity is becoming . A quick glance at online forums reveals that miners who bought expensive GPUs in the last two to four years are .

Selling the GPUs, though, is not the only answer for these individuals to earn a healthy return on their investments. In search of profits, IaaS “Uber drivers,” through platforms like SonM and Golem, have begun popping up, ready to rent their computing resources for less money than the major cloud infrastructure providers like Amazon and Microsoft.

This new model of leveraging resources from a decentralized network of computers is known as fog computing—and it’s offering to open the door for AI startups everywhere. Here’s why.