IDG Contributor Network: How cloud serves as the foundation of AI


As companies migrate to and run operations in the cloud, leaders are looking to the next horizon: innovating from the cloud with artificial intelligence (AI).

Cloud is the underlying platform with the data storage capacity and massive processing capability that will help enable AI innovation at the speed demanded. Companies are already starting to integrate a variety of AI-driven technologies across voice, vision, language and machine learning in order to transform their businesses. Accenture research shows that 85 percent of business and IT executives anticipate making extensive investments in one or more AI-related technologies over the next three years.

In fact, AI both simplifies and improves peoples’ experiences with technology. Case in point: AI is making technology easier to use through more natural interfaces like conversation. People now commonly use their voice to ask mobile phones for directions and reminders. We are starting to drive vehicles that act and react to our instructions. And we will increasingly talk to in-home devices to complete tasks, whether it’s turning on lights, cuing a favorite playlist, paying the monthly bills or hundreds of other skills.

With a sound strategy for implementing AI technologies, companies will also be able to create hyper-personalized engagement journeys with customers and employees—increasing loyalty in the process. For example, providers in the are using AI technologies to develop personalized quotes for customers based on individual risk assessments, regardless of the type of car a customer drives or where a customer lives. This is a disruptive shift with industry-wide implications. Instead of looking to third-party actuarial companies to predict probabilities of events, auto insurance providers are creating a real-time, in-house actuarial risk table for every customer.

, for example, neural network training is 10 to 20 times faster than with CPUs. Adding to this, cloud offers built-in agility and quality of performance, making it the most viable place for many of the complex AI-driven business processes that drive rapid innovation.

Choose the best-fit cloud provider and start innovating with AI now

Since cloud is the foundation of AI, every company must choose their public cloud platform provider wisely to help ensure that future innovation in AI will be supported. Hyper-scale cloud providers clearly recognize the opportunity and are stepping up with a range of AI services.