IDG Contributor Network: How to plan your successful cloud migration


found that four out of five companies run up to half of their business functions in the cloud. Moreover, that figure is likely to increase significantly over the next few years. The research reveals that a clear majority of business leaders see the cloud platform as a critical enabler of greater innovation and competitive edge.

Yet, companies still struggle when it comes to structuring the cloud transformation, beginning with the fundamental first step—planning a successful migration. What’s lacking is a solid comprehension of what value the cloud brings, its potential and its elasticity.

Often companies mistakenly believe that the cloud is nothing more than another hosting environment, which leads to the false notion that migration is no more than moving the apps from the data centers to this new elastic platform. This approach reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of the cloud and precludes organizations from seizing the cloud’s disruptive capabilities.

To kick-start the cloud adoption, companies have first to figure out how to deal with four foundation blocks that enable accelerated transformation: