IDG Contributor Network: March Madness: Bringing cloud-based automation to a whole new level of play


The cloud is seeping into virtually every application, in every industry of every size, because of its ability to enable constant application improvements, flexible cost structure, minimal IT resource support and always-on availability.

Because of these benefits, and little downside, the challenge for application developers modernizing legacy apps isn’t a question of whether to transition to cloud-based apps, but which platform to use in building customized cloud-based solutions.

Leveling the playing field

As smart, cloud-based solutions continue to gain traction in the marketplace, Cloud Solution Providers are leveraging platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, to more quickly build innovative solutions that become critical components of customers’ IT strategies.

As an example of this, Wovenware developed a smart app for a Puerto Rico-based sports management firm, Sports Alternative. This app levels the playing field for even the youngest of athletes, and gives them access to the same real-time tournament standings and scores that the big leagues have become accustomed to.