IDG Contributor Network: What you need to know about microservices tools


Previously in this three-part series, I wrote about and provided an overview of (DDD) and how this development philosophy can be used to represent the real world in code, while also being well-suited to a microservices implementation. This time, I cover some of the tools and frameworks that can be used when implementing microservices.

I deliberately saved the tools discussion for last because I often find clients like to jump into tools before they have completely thought through why, and if, a new architectural approach can or should be implemented in their environment. After you have decided that you should move to microservices then it’s appropriate to think about how it can be done and with what tools.


Microservices architectures do not require containerization, but it is one set of tools that will make your life easier on a number of fronts.

The metaphor of a shipping container is used because through standardization containers allow goods to be transported by different shippers via ship, rail, or truck regardless of items in the container, knowing that the contents of one container will not affect the others. These containers can be stacked and moved easily.