IDG Contributor Network: Where the business cloud weathers the storm


Over the past few months, two of the biggest storms in recent history battered cities across the country. One estimate pins the damages at , which doesn’t include the decreased or lost productivity that is still to come for offices and businesses across the regions.

It’s impossible to predict everything, including the timing and scope of hurricanes and natural disasters, but ideally businesses prepare for situations just like these. It wasn’t that long ago that disaster recovery consisted largely of the restoration of services and configurations from backup. This was a process that could take hours or even days.

We live in an era where the advantages of cloud and hosting have proven to be critical components to sustaining operations, communications, and recovery efforts for business, residents, and emergency services.

There is little doubt that those organizations affected by these events that hosted their own infrastructure in the geographies that were affected endured significant unfortunate interruptions. Meanwhile, professional hosting and cloud companies in those same geographies kept running for several reasons.