Lack of cloud skills and training begin to take a toll


According to a recent by cloud and datcenter vendor Rackspace, “Nearly three quarters of IT decision-makers (71 percent) believe their organizations have lost revenue due to a lack of cloud expertise. On average, this accounts for 5 percent of total global revenue, or $258,188,279 per organization.”

That’s a pretty good hunk of cheddar! This is a real issue and it’s starting to get noticed by enterprises leadership, and even by the stockholders.

Truth be told, these sorts of opportunity costs are rarely considered. Think of the cost of using subpar data analytics, substandard networks, even bad automation itself.  There is always a difference between what enterprises do and what they should do to maximize revenue. Or, more to this case, what they can’t do because their staff lacks the skills.

While my personal experiences are not exact metrics, I’ve been getting about four requests per week from enterprises that want a training plan, skilled people, or me.  This was a once-a-month occurrence just two years ago.