NetSuite co-founder Evan Goldberg talks strategy


Video Q&A transcript: NetSuite founder Evan Goldberg talks strategy

How has the Oracle acquisition affected the product roadmap?

Absolutely, the roadmap has been all about more. We’re going to more countries than we ever did as an independent company, we’re attacking more verticals and even microverticals and there’s just generally more resources for us to build the functionality that the customers want.

Has Oracle’s global reach helped NetSuite expand to new markets?

On the international front, Oracle has a presence in countries where we weren’t even close to when we were an independent company. And so the ability to – if we can get product there, they can get it to the customer and implement it — that’s a great opportunity for us.

Has there been a lot of integration between Oracle and NetSuite products?

There’s so much great Oracle technology that we can integrate with and we’re trying not to boil the ocean. We’ve picked out a few to start with. Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service is really important functionality for our customers and so we’re doing a deep integration there. Oracle has a warehouse management product called LogFire, which is a good fit for our Wholesale Distribution, so that’s another area we’re integrating in. We’re integrating with some of Oracle’s Taleo Business Edition which are appropriate for the size market that we attack, and some of the areas of HCM that NetSuite doesn’t cover.

Are there any new business areas you’re looking to get into?

We have verticals that we’re strong in and we’re doubling down there and they’re really complementary with the verticals that other Oracle applications attack so we’re really doubling down on those and that’s really about taking some broader vertical and industry functionality like retail and then narrowing to retail apparel for example and then narrowing even further down to that for example to campus bookstores which actually are driven largely by apparel but have a specialized functionality for textbooks for example. So we’re taking and building industry-specific and vertical specific editions even down to the microvertical level and build best practices for those types of companies.

What are your goals for 2018?

Well some of our goals, is continuing the investment we’ve made since the acquisition in countries and so we’re going to be expanding rapidly in Europe, we’re going to be expanding rapidly in Asia, we’re going to be building some of the sophisticated functionality that you need to go into countries that present amazing opportunity but also have a lot of challenges – India, Brazil, China. So those are some of the most exciting things we’re gonna be seeing in 2018.