The 3 dumbest things enterprises do in the cloud


You’re going to make mistakes. I tell my enterprise clients that every week.

However, there are mistakes and there are mistakes that are more like self-inflected wounds. Here are three of the dumbest mistakes I’m now seeing enterprises make in the cloud efforts.

Dumbest mistake No. 1: Keeping the data on premises but the compute in the cloud

When helping clients plan their cloud efforts, I regularly hear, “My data is sacred, so we don’t want to put our data in the cloud. However, we’re paying too much for compute and datacenter space, so let’s place that on some public cloud.”

That is not a good move for a couple reasons. First, you’re going to hit a great deal of latency. In fact, I’ve never seen this kind of hybrid architecture work due to the lags. Second, security becomes way more difficult. In fact, you typically end up with more vulnerabilities.